Thursday, June 3, 2010

PP and PK setup

If the lines are this:

Hall Cullen Hemsky
Penner Gagner Eberle
MPS Horcoff Pisani
Jones Brule Stortini
Potulny Pouliot

Whitney Gilbert
Smid Roszival
Peckham Johnson



Gilbert Whitney


Roszival Cullen

| |

Gilbert Whitney

Horcoff Paajarvi

| |

Johnson Smid

Pisani Brule

The Powerplay is an umbrella type setup with the ability to pass the puck from east to west and west to east. Gagner and Hemsky are the quarterbacks of their respective units. PP1 has more of a down low option with Eberle being able to be a pass/shoot option out of his post, while PP2 is more reliant on the blast from 3 options with Jones setting the tips and screens. Same setup with slighty different variations.

The penalty kill has more of a risk/reward feature to it. Horcoff and Pisani would be the reliable mainstays, while Brule and Paajarvi can utilize their speed to keep the other teams defense honest. The PK can definitely use a scoring threat that it hasn't had in a long while. The defense gets in lanes, clears the front of the net and uses busy sticks. Anticipation and positioning are the key to being a good PKer.

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