Sunday, July 1, 2012

UFA Day 2012

The Oilers re-signed a couple of their own in Ryan Smyth and Darcy Hordichuk. Also, brought back Yann Danis to tend the net for OKC. Smyth was a signing I have half-heartedly expected, Hordichuk was one that I was not expecting at all.

Oilers had a spot for Smyth on the depth chart and Smyth wants to play out his remaining days as Oiler. If he would have left again this time, I believe it really would have left a bitter taste in everyone's mouths. Good to see Smyth back and more accepting of a secondary, albeit, important leadership role.

Hordichuk was also a sentimental signing, though I'm not sure the Oilers could afford the roster spot. Hordichuk is a solid team player and knows his role, just not sure its something the Oilers can accommodate with the team trying to improve.

As it stand right now the Oilers have 13 "for sure" forwards on the big club, that including Yakupov, but not including the likes of Paajarvi and Lnader who are going to need to looks in the very near future. All this tells me is that the Oilers are trying to move a forward for a Dman. Talk today was Ales Hemsky was the player on the block, it will be interesting to see who moves along and who stays. The Oilers are holding onto a china bowl in terms of the forwards right now. Cutting or adding the wrong piece could set the team back. Its crucial they make the right additions and subtractions, if playoffs are truly the goal, although we ahve all heard this lip service before.

I think the Oilers will be in on the Shane Doan bidding if he wants to cut his ties to Phoenix. Word is, he is waiting until July 9 to see how the Phoenix ownership unfolds. I also think the Oilers are trying to peddle one of their forwards for a Dman, something I have frowned upon in past writeups. I'm of the belief that when dealing a forward for a Dman, it usually takes an A forward to get a B Dman and a B forward for a C Dman. Dmen are tough to acquire and usually have to overpay for them, either through dollars or assets. Today was the kickoff to the hockey offseason. We'll have to wait and see how the rest of the summer unfolds. At least this offseason, the Oilers are looking more to subtract than to add.

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