Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lottery Draft 2012

So now that it is official that the Edmonton Oilers have won the Lottery Draft and they will pick 1st overall for the third straight year I begin to wonder what they do with that pick.

Nail Yakupov seems to be a slam dunk as the first overall pick, but I wonder if it is the best choice for the Oilers going forward. Being 5.11" and 190lb he isn't exactly the largest player to put on the skates. He is a dynamic player but do the Oilers need another small forward? If they are going to take that pick are they going to have the kahunas to let him season for a few seasons before they bring him up to the big show or are they going to make a decision on another of their small forwards and move someone to make room?

Nail Yakupov profile

Currently on the right wing there is Eberle, Hemsky, Smyth, and Eager. Considering they recently signed Hemsky and Eberle isn't going anywhere anytime soon, there is only room on the third or fourth line for him. I would think that Smyth can be replaced and even Eager can be moved if a player of similar size and strength is put in his place, so really the only spot available to him is on the third line in replace of Smyth. I don't know what the defensive capability of Yakupov is, but I doubt that he will be able to step into the big show as a rookie and fill that role. I am all for moving Hemsky and addressing other holes in the lineup, but I don't think Tambellini has the ability to pull that trigger.

This doesnt take into account the talent that should be coming up through the system soon. MPS is the first that pops into my mind. Tyler Pitlick is also on that list. So are the Oilers going to give up on these two (at least) by making a decision to take Yakapov at the draft?

I personally think that the Oilers might do well by trading that pick and getting a proven player that they can use today rather than taking a gamble on another smaller player and "hoping" that all the hoarding pays off.

There are some hard decisions for the Oilers to make, and yet again I cringe when I think that Tambo might still be at the helm to make those choices. My guess is there are no moves whatsoever and they take Yakupov. No plan involved, just follow the idea that you "take the best player available" and unless there is a plan going forward to address the rest of the issues that mentality is just a waste of another year...

oh well, I guess we will see what happens.

until next time.

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