Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Post Game: Game #13 Stars 4 Oilers 1

EDM Hall 3 (Eberle) 12:59

DAL Dillon 2 (Robidas, Roy) 4:23

DAL Nystrom 1 (Fiddler) 0:44
DAL Jagr 4 (Daley, Benn) 15:25
DAL Garbutt 2 (Fiddler) 17:17

Kari Lehtonen 35/36

Devan Dubnyk 25/29

Game Notes:
- What goes around comes around in the game of hockey. As much as they didn't deserve the win in Columbus, they desreved a better fate in this one. Two unlucky goals from Dallas had the Oilers playing catch up in the 3rd period but they could not overcome the defecit. The Oilers fired 36 shots towards Dallas goal and had only one goal to show for it. It goes like that sometimes, but its something they have to continue to do. Shooting needs to be engraved in each of their brains. Many positives can be taken out of this game, moreso than the Columbus game in where they won. The only things lacking in this game were execution around the net and patience to stay with the game when the score was 2-1. The Oilers just could not follow up a great play with another great play. And then impatience set in for the Oilers. Turnovers led to the undoing as the Stars tallied their final two goals. There isn't much solace the Oilers can take out of this game other than they worked hard and got their opportunities, but Lehtonen played well in goal for Dallas and Dallas got some puck luck that resulted in the first two Dallas goals. The Oilers need to forget this game but remember to keep piling up the shot totals. They will get their fair share of puck luck from it if they continue with that theme.

Player Of The Game:
Taylor Hall LW - Hall was the poster child for shooting more. He replied with 9 shots on goal and the lone Oilers tally, a goal where he just shot the puck on the fly and it fooled Lehtonen. Hall was using his speed all night, cutting in off the edges and taking multiple shots. Hall is the player that will get the most amount of shots on the Oilers because he can create his own shot. Once Hall learns to become more selfish with his shot, he can start to branch out from there and start using his teammates once defenders start getting sucked in towards him.

Goat Of The Game:
Nail Yakupov LW -  Yakupov actually had a strong game like many of the Oilers did tonight, but it was his neutral zone turnover that led to the 3rd Stars goal and pretty much put the game on ice. It's this type of play that the Oilers need to negate and become more willfully strong. The Oilers have to get in their minds that they will score the next goal as long as they play like they should. Once they start to become freelance out there and start to play individually, thats when things start to back fire. Players with the puck need to protect it and players without the puck need to do a better job of being an outlet. If you are doing neither, then you might as well get off the ice.

Next Game - Saturday February 16. 2013 vs. Avalanche @ Rexall Place on CBC 8 PM MT.

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