Saturday, February 2, 2013

Post Game: Game #8 Avalanche 3 Oilers 1

EDM Yakupov 5 (Hemsky, Gagner) 0:58

COL Parenteau 6 (McGinn, Wilson) 12:07
COL McGinn 1 (Duchene) 15:36

COL Stastny 3 (Mitchell, Duchene) 18:50

Devan Dubnyk 37/39

Semyon Varlamov 25/26

Game Notes:
- The Oilers learned another hard lesson today. You wanna become great? You gotta beat everything in your path. The other team, fatigue, bad officiating, everything must mowed down in order to pave the way to greatness. The Oilers were sluggish in this one and I guess travel can be used as an out, but great teams overcome this kind of obsticles, one that the Oilers still have to clear. All the work the Oilers achieved in the first two games of the trip went out the window in this game. The Oilers come home with 1-1-1 record and a lot of work to do to continue the playoff dream. No time to rest on the accolades/failures of the recent past. Its all about the next game and it will be like that 40 more times this season. 5 goals in 3 games shows that the goals have dried up for the Oilers. The Oilers scored in the first minute of this game and then not a sniff for the next 59 minutes. Very difficult to win only scoring 1 or 2 goals a game. I am impressed with the defensive game for the most part. It has come leaps and bounds from where it was. Devan Dubnyk's gaoltending has been a big part of it. But the Oilers, have found a way to be positionally sound, get sticks in passing lanes, and just use a better compete level, by getting a body on a body. While this loss on the surface hurts, there is still a lot of hockey left to be played. The good thing about this loss is that it shows the Oilers still have growth to achieve in their games. No need to get giddy or glum yet, lets see how the Oilers respond to this loss aganst Vancouver on Monday night.

Player Of The Game:
Devan Dubnyk G - For the third game in a row, its Devan Dubnyk! In this game, it couldn't have been anyone else. After the first goal in the first minute, the Oilers faded slowly into oblivion after that. Which means there was a barrage of shots headed Devan Dubnyk's way. Dubnyk fought off everything he could. He only gave up two, which means he team should have at least been able to get a point out of this one. But the Oilers only managed one and the compete level waned, leaving the burden to Devan Dubnyk to keep his team in the game. Devan Dubnyk has been the teams MVP through 8 games hands down.

Goat Of The Game:
Jordan Eberle RW - It's time to start singling out some of the Oilers offensive players because on this trip, the well was real dry, leaving the burden to strong defensive play and Devan Dubnyk's goaltending. Don't get me wrong, I am enamoured with the Oilers new found defensive game. But now they need to start working on a transition game and executing odd man rushes at a higher percentage. The execution just isn't there on the line rushes. I suggested a slight tweak of the top 6 before the trip, I still maintain that. Things have gotten a bit stale in the top 6 and offensive production really hurt the Oilers on this trip. Eberle managed one shot and one hit in 20:47 worth of ice time, not good bang for buck there.

Next Game - Monday February 4, 2013 vs. Canucks 7:30 MT on Sportsnet West

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