Thursday, March 1, 2012

Whats the Point?

Line shuffling I mean...

So according to the Oiler website Tom Renney has done some line shuffling to try and spark his players to get on the winning side of things again. (see article here).

I don't really like the idea that "juggling lines" can actually have an influence. Once in a while during a game it might have an effect, but to change the lineup, in my opinion is to admit that the coach didn't know how to put those lines together in the first place. Now I like Renney, I really do. I think that he has gotten the most out of the players that he was given. But I don't like when a coach tries to create a "spark" by putting someone (or several someone's) in positions they don't really belong.

Lennart Petrell does not belong on a line with Hopkins and Eberle. No offense to Petrell, but he isn't a high flying scorer or a defensive rock that can anchor a "rookie" line. There is very little place on the top lines for him, at least not yet.

This is just a move by Renney to try and add one skill set into a line that lacks it. What bothers me is just how many other skills that line will lack now that he removed the real skill to put in a "bigger guy" with a "heavier" shot. A "heavy shot" isn't the same as a natural sniper. And a "bigger body" isn't the same as a truly physical presence. 

I wish (for Renney's sake) that Tambellini would give him the type of players that the coach can use to build all his lines with out ever having to "juggle" skill sets to get a spark. The most anyone would ever hope to see would be the coach moving a "play maker" from one line to another because one player is slumping or another is just plain hot.

A true elite team never has to try an experiment that brings a fourth line player up to the top line with no real merit just to kick start a lethargic team...

I am hoping to see myself wrong but my prediction is that Petrell wont last on that line more than a few shifts and absolutely nothing will be gained.

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  1. As expected the Petrell experiment was a waste of time, not that there were many other options. Personally, I'd like to see Eager get a shot with a couple of the kids. Man, is it ever tough cheering for this team. Just cannot get out of their own way.