Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oilers Cuts Sunday Oct 2

The Oilers have put 4 players on waivers today for the purpose of sending them to Oklahoma City and one player sent directly to OKC.

Gilbert Brule C - The surprise that really isn't a surprise. Brule was outplayed by almost every other forward that was vying for his spot. He had a chance to compete for a shooting center spot potentially but the Oilers chose to keep him on the 4th line and battle with other 4th liners for that spot. He could potentially be scooped up someone looking for a reclamation project. Like I said, Brule has some skills but you really need insulate him from putting him into a spot where he has to read plays.

Ryan O'Marra C - A somewhat surprise to those in the mainstream media, not really in my eyes, I know the Oilers have a pressing need for a right handed center, especially one that can shoot the puck, but neither Brule or O'Marra are the answer. O'Marra is a role player that brings very little in offense. I doubt he gets claimed.

Josh Green LW - Josh Green looked good this preseason. He competed a lot harder than he did in his first tour of duty many years ago. The Oilers can really use his experience in OKC. He'll likely clear and continue on in OKC.

Ryan Keller RW - Ryan Keller likely won some brownie points for his emergency move to play defense in Minnesota on Friday night. Ryan Keller really looks like a solid pro and another vet that will help OKC youngsters. IF he and Brule can both clear waivers, I'd be intrigued by that duo. Keller being the playmaker while Brule can be the straight up shooter. Likely to clear.

Teemu Hartikainen LW - Teemu had himself a strong camp and was the flag barrer for the new mantra of being hard on the puck. Hartikainen battled and he battled and he battled. He was this close to being an Oiler on opening night. I'm sure we'll see him again at some point during the season.

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