Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post-Game: Game #14 Oilers 3 Canadians 1

Scoring Summary
1st Period

2nd Period
EDM Ryan Jones 3 (SH) (Unassisted) 4:38

3rd Period
EDM Tom Gilbert 2 (Ales Hemsky, Ryan Smyth) 16:28

MON Max Pacioretty 6 (Tomas Plekanec, P.K. Subban) 16:50

EDM Ryan Smyth 7 (EN) (Shawn Horcoff 6) 19:17

Penalty Summary
1st Period
4:46 Montreal interference - 2 min H. Gill drawn by B. Eager
6:32 Edmonton tripping - 2 min S. Gagner drawn by J. Spacek
9:07 Edmonton tripping - 2 min C. Barker drawn by M. Cammalleri
12:04 Montreal tripping - 2 min T. Plekanec drawn by T. Gilbert

2nd Period
4:11 Edmonton hooking - 2 min L. Petrell drawn by A. Emelin
7:23 Edmonton hooking - 2 min T. Hall drawn by P. Subban
14:28 Edmonton too many men on ice - 2 min Bench served by B. Eager
16:16 Edmonton interference - 2 min T. Peckham drawn by P. Subban

3rd Period

Shots On Goal - Oilers 14 Canadians 29

Game Notes:
- Better to win ugly than lose pretty. The Oilers played real hard tonight and every Oilers fan should be proud of that. The coaching on the other hand tonight was totally bunk and the Oilers won in spite of it. The Oilers need to take this line combinations and throw them in the garbage. The kid line is fine, for now, the 4th line brings it, the defense pairings are solid, the 2nd and 3rd lines are a mess. No chemistry, no offensive rhythm, 14 shots on goal. If the Oilers plan on playing this lineup with this gameplan against the Bruins on Thursday, they will get destroyed. Montreal did not play that well tonight and gift wrapped 2 goals for the Oilers to put in the bank and win with. The Bruins won't do the same, neither would 20-something other teams in the NHL. I don't understand why the Oilers break up what was working. They had the same scheme but because of different personnel and line juggling to try and accomodate everyone, it forced everyone into a different role, outside of the kid line. The scheme really saved them tonight and allowed them to hold on for dear life. The defensive scheme is solid. The personnel and the offensive rhythm is getting worse by the day. Gotta get players back into roles that they would be more comfortable with, meaning some deals need to be an order, ASAP. I really hope Paajarvi finds his way back into the lineup again. He needs to starting attacking the net off the rush, with or without the puck and put someone that can shoot the puck to get him going. The checking line essentially became Smyth-Horcoff-Hemsky, I'm not sure how long Hemsky will embrace that role. I really feel really fortunate that the Oilers won this game. Chalking this victory up to anything more than luck would not be wise. On a side note, the defense collectively battled hard tonight. Petry was a little flaky on some pinches, but all in all everyone was where they needed to be defensively.

Player of the Game:
- Nikolai Khabibulin. No brainer. If Dubnyk had this game tonight, surely they would have lost, much like the Phoenix game. Khabibulin looked real comfortable playing with a 1-0 lead for over half the game. He's looking really unflappable right and is focusing on the things he only needs to focus on. Strong, typical game from Habby. HM's to the Ryans Smyth and Jones. Both had high battle levels and just kept the plays moving forward.

Goat of the Game:
- Sam Gagner. I know its convenient for me to put the player I wanted bench tonight as GOTG, but Gagner brought nothing tonight. He's one of the players, right now that is brutally miscast. Hemsky and Paajarvi are the other ones. Omark was as well in his time here. Belanger is slightly miscast but still effective enough to do what he does. The Oilers need to swap out some round pegs for some square pegs.

Next Game - Thursday November 10, 2011 vs. Bruins @ Boston on Sportsnet Oilers. 5 PM MT.

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