Monday, September 26, 2011

Oilers Cuts from Monday Sept 26

The Oilers cut 11 players today sending them to Oklahoma City and sent one back to junior.

Ryan Lowery D - I consider Lowery fortunate that he got himself a contract with the Oilers organization. While he does have some tools as a swift, puck-moving Dman, he also shoots right, something the OKC team is neck deep in at the moment on the back end. Lowery should be able to help OKC move the puck out of their end.

Olivier Roy G - Played well in the chances in got into, positionally sound. Roy is likely slated for Stockton in the ECHL considering Dubnyk and Khabibulin will be with the big club and Danis and LeNeveu will be with OKC. Roy might get some time in OKC this year, depending on how the other goaltenders play this year.

Philippe Cornet LW - Cornet got a better look at training camp this year than I thought he would. He acquitted himself well as an up and down winger who kept the puck moving forward. Will likely play a bottom 6 role in OKC.

Tanner House C/RW - House got in a couple of games, did ok. House will benefit from the experience coming in OKC. Will be relied upon in a depth role in OKC.

Chris Vandevelde C - Vandevelde came in and left as expected. He played alright in the preseason. Needs more experience. He can play in his own end alright enough, but doesn't piss a drop offensively.

Alex Plante D - Plante is getting piledrived down the depth chart, with the acquisitions of Fedun, Teubert and now Lowery, along with Helmer, he will be coming from a long way back to get back to the Oilers. May have been his last training camp with the Oilers.

Milan Kyntar RW - Kyntar was injured for all of training camp. Will likely start in Stockton on his way back up through the ranks.

Curtis Hamilton LW - Showed well in the rookie tourney, and played OK in the preseason in the last couple of games he got into. Big bodied, power forward will likely get a 2nd or 3rd line role in OKC, with some sporadic callups to the bigs.

Ryan Martindale C - Martindale has yet to earn himself a contract. He'll get a decent chance to get one and play in OKC, but if I was to hedge my bets, I would be on him playing in Ottawa for the 67s this year. We'll see how that plays out.

Tyler Pitlick C - Pitlick had himself a good rookie tourney and a decent preseason. He just needs experience in playing with the pros. The Oilers would be wise to keep the experiment of playing at center for the time being. The Oilers org needs a RH shooting center and he fits the bill there. Pitlick might get another look with the big club later in the year.

Kiril Tulupov D - Tulupov has yet to earn himself a contract with the Oilers. His audition will continue in OKC. He showed himself to be a agile skater and a punishing hitter. I think he could find himself a nice North American pro career for himself, if he sticks it out and shows off his wares.

Martin Marincin D - Marincin is headed back to Prince George (WHL). I thought Marincin was good enough to begin plying his trade in OKC this year. I think Tulupov may have taken his spot forcing the Oilers to put Marincin back in the Dub. It won't hurt Marincin to head back to Prince George and dominate down there. But the glut of RH Dmen OKC will have becomes even more crowded down there as Marincin was only one of two players that shot left along with Chorney.

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