Sunday, September 11, 2011

Post Game: Rookie Game Oilers 7 Canucks 2

Period 1
Vancouver Canucks - Darren Archibald (Nicklas Jensen) 9:09
Edmonton Oilers - Curtis Hamilton (unassisted) 9:48

Period 2
Edmonton Oilers - Philippe Cornet (unassisted) 1:13
Edmonton Oilers - Anton Lander (powerplay) (unassisted) 9:13
Edmonton Oilers - Martin Gernat (unassisted) 9:32
Edmonton Oilers - Anton Lander (powerplay) (Cameron Abney, Antti Tyrvainen) 14:04
Edmonton Oilers - Antti Tyrvainen (Colin Smith, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins) 14:48
Edmonton Oilers - Drew Czerwonka (Colin Smith) 17:36

Period 3
Vancouver Canucks - Jordan Schroeder (Darren Archibald) 17:49

Period 1
Edmonton Oilers - Antti Tyrvainen - (Elbowing), 2 min, 2:08
Edmonton Oilers - Colin Smith - (Roughing), 2 min, 6:19

Period 2
Vancouver Canucks - Bill Sweatt - (Interference), 2 min, 8:31
Vancouver Canucks - Anton Rodin - (High Sticking), 2 min, 12:57
Edmonton Oilers - Cameron Abney - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 14:06
Vancouver Canucks - Sawyer Hannay - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 14:06

Period 3
Edmonton Oilers - Colten Teubert - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 0:19
Vancouver Canucks - Adam Polasek - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 0:19
Vancouver Canucks - Michael Curtis - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 2:56
Edmonton Oilers - Tyler Schmidt - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 2:56
Vancouver Canucks - Yann Sauve - (Delay of Game), 2 min, 14:27
Edmonton Oilers - Ryan Martindale - (Roughing), 2 min, 18:38

Shots 1 2 3 TOTAL
Edmonton Oilers 9 19 9 37
Vancouver Canucks 8 10 6 24

- Hard to evaluate this game when the Oilers rookies outclassed the Canucks rookies badly. Oilers had solid goaltending from Roy and the Canucks got shabby goaltending from Honzik. Many players contributed to the win, very few passengers tonight. Took a bit for the Oilers to get their legs going but in the 2nd period the floodgates opened. Just a very workmanlike effort from the Oilers tonight. Their team game was fantastic. They were just dominant.

Player of the game: (Anton Lander)
- I'm going with Anton Lander even though Nugent-Hopkins did have sublime vision tonight. Lander was on the right side of the puck all night and pounced on his opportunities. Exactly how I see him playing once he puts on the Oiler jersey full time.

Goat of the game: (Kristians Pelss)
- Haven't been a big fan of his game since he has shown up in North America. He's kind of a passive, perimeter player that pounces on chances. I'm not a big fan of that type of player and I'm sure the Oilers aren't either. He created next to nothing on a night when everyone was getting into the act.

Next game - Tuesday Night vs. the Jets rookies. 8:30PM MT

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