Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Post Game: Rookie Game Oilers 2 Jets 0

Period 1
Edmonton Oilers - Chase Schaber (unassisted) 2:57
Edmonton Oilers - Ryan Lowery (powerplay) (Kristians Pelss, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins) 8:30

Period 2
(no scoring)
Period 3
(no scoring)

Period 1
Winnipeg Jets - Eric ODell - (Roughing), 2 min, 7:34
Edmonton Oilers - Ryan Martindale - (Roughing), 2 min, 7:34
Winnipeg Jets - Eric ODell - (Unsportsmanlike Conduct), 2 min, 7:34
Winnipeg Jets - Eric ODell - (Hooking), 2 min, 12:11
Edmonton Oilers - Taylor Fedun - (Interference), 2 min, 17:15

Period 2
Winnipeg Jets - Jordan Depape - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 5:07
Edmonton Oilers - Brett Ferguson - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 5:07
Edmonton Oilers - Brandon Davidson - (Holding), 2 min, 16:25

Period 3
Edmonton Oilers - Wes Vannieuwenhuizen - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 2:02
Winnipeg Jets - Cody Sol - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 2:02
Winnipeg Jets - John Albert - (Tripping), 2 min, 4:24
Winnipeg Jets - Ivan Telegin - (Slashing), 2 min, 11:57

Shots 1 2 3 TOTAL
Edmonton Oilers 9 7 10 26
Winnipeg Jets 7 11 5 23

Team play was fantastic tonight. And when it wasn't, Tyler Bunz was there to vacuum everything up. The legs got heavier as the game went on but they played smart and kept things to the outside. Lots of big hits early, Martindale and Schaber were throwing big hits early and Gernat had a big hit late. The Oilers used physicality and good stick positioning to keep the Jets at bay. The offensive chances for the Oilers really waned as the game went on. The Oilers would be wise to keep an eye on Taylor Fedun when main camp starts. Fedun is a smooth skating, puckmoving, RH power shot, all traits that the Oiler team could use. He could be a useful callup at some point during the season.

Player of the game:
- Tyler Bunz was a forcefield. The only thing he didn't stop was a shot off of a highstick. Bunz was solid positionally as well as having very good side to side lateral movement. His glove hand was fast tonight. The Jets just had no answer for him. A "feather in his hat" type performance from him.

Goat of the game:
- Tough to find a goat tonight. I was hoping to see more from Brett Ferguson tonight. He had a tough time keeping up to the pace and had one of the ugliest fights I have seen in some time. Just a lot of flubbed passes and a lack of physicality from him which is usually a staple in his game.

Next game - Wed Sept 14, 2011 8:30PM MT on EdmontonOilers.com

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