Sunday, September 18, 2011

Post Game: Joey Moss Cup Team Blue 5 Team White 3

Team Blue Goal Scorers:
Tyrvainen (EN)

Team White Goal Scorers:


Random Musings:
-Ryan Smyth had some really good jump today, looks very agile heading into training camp.
-Jeff Petry looks poised to take on a big role this year. He was shooting the puck and making things happen at both ends of the ice. He has all the tools to be something special. Looked very poised today.
-Kiril Tulupov looked like he really wanted to be noticed. He was the only one finishing his checks strong. We'll see how he looks in some real competitive games. He can go hammer on some other teams' players.
-Taylor Hall looked rusty, was skating miles but couldn't finish much of anything. Got stripped on the winner by Team Blue. Still the wow factor in his game. Gamebreaker.
-Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was like a stealth rogue out there. Not much offensively, but a pick pocket extraordinaire. His ability to backtrack plays might be the icebreaker on whether or not he stays with the big club.
-Jordan Eberle had the dangles early, ringing one of the crossbar that could have broke TSN once again. I'm surprised Eberle, Hall and Lander as a line didn't do more damage.
-Teemu Hartikainen had himself a nice goal in tight going roof. He is going to make it very difficult for the Oilers to send him to OKC. By rights, he probably should be with the big club.
-OKC eventual players, Petrell, House, and Keller, all of them strong games, scoring goals on nice snipes with quick realeases. OKC might not be that bad off offensively after all.

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